Jul 13, 2012

When the machines turn on us...

I'm for the most part anti-technology. This is pretty rare for someone my age and I'm sorry to be such a disgrace fellow 1987ers.  I know how to work the DVD player and text but that's about it. I don't have one of those smart phones because I've read I, Robot and and don't trust them...also I can't figure out anything that doesn't have real buttons. Touch screens bother me. We have touch screens at the restaurant I work at. You can blame them for your steamed veggies instead of the sweet potato fries. PS> Eat the darn veggies, the universe is sending you a message.

I loved my walkman. It played my Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little Pill" cassette perfectly and when it came unraveled all I needed was a pencil eraser. I was even receptive to the CD player. Hanson sounded just as good on my CD I purchased from a real store. Oddly "Mmm Bop" sounds no different when the CD is scratched...I don't have an I-pod because obviously that is wayyy above my level of touch screen ability.

DVDs ticked me off b/c my entire Disney collection is on VHS. Those scrooges at Disney created "The Vault" so that it would take me 5 years to build my collection back up to what it was...only for Blu-Ray to come around. Not only am I not supporting that btw, but I'm protesting. Its a silent protest that I do every time I go to Wal Mart and pass the electronics department. I will not yield!

We have HD TV because my husband swears up and down there's a difference between that and the regular channels were already paying for. Whatever. And whats up with the bunny ears needing a converter box? I can use the laptop to social network. I can even type 60 wpm with 3 errors or less because #1) I'm in my 20's and #2) I enjoyed AOL instant messenger as an adolescent. For blatantly obvious reasons, I cannot use an I-pad. 

So now this whole blog thing has come up and guys...its not as simple as I had assumed. Do you know what HTML format is? I mean I'm sure if you are a peer of mine you know from school what it is, but do you know how to use it? You probably do. However, me being me..I do not. My blog now has an about me tab, an awesome background (by my standards), a personalized button with personalized html stuff underneath it to share on other blogs...Holy Moly! It's 2012 folks...with this new found confidence I might even try and use the Redbox reserve feature! 

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