Aug 22, 2013

super important person coming through!

So about a week ago I got a phone call at work from a doctor. This doc had been trying to get in touch with me but apparently when he called my office someone told him that in the many years they have graced the halls of my building, indeed I do not work there.

Now I admit to often times being a bit of an introvert. I'm just fine in my own little corner in my own little chair. I chit chat with my own little patients 2.5 days a week and honestly just use my time at work for I like it. Its full of critical thinking and babies. Anyways...
So upon the news that I was not recognized I laughed it off for awhile. After further thinking I then decided to take it upon myself to really get out there. To be remembered. To make a real extrovert move! Here was the big plan: Ready?

Send out an introduction e-mail. Bam! Mind blown.

Without much thought I then sent a mass e-mail to the entire office. Doctors, administrators.. No one was discriminated against. I explained the phone situation and went on to say. "So hey, I'm Leigh Ann. Nice to meet you!" After sending the big introduction I then was my one year anniversary with the company.

Note to self: wave and say hi today. You're showing too much of your weird.

Aug 20, 2013

my 25 before 26 list

So I made a list when I turned 25 in 2012. I never published it, thus it was forgotten in the vault of unpublished material clogging my memory. Upon discovering this little gem, not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed in myself. I mean couldn't I have planned something just a wee bit crazy? Anyways I turned 26 in July so lets just see what I accomplished.
  1. Teach Colton his colors or prove his colorblindness  Ask him a color. I dare ya! He knows it!
  2. Get a new tattoo no matter what Brandon has to say about it
  3. Make some mommy friends (quit being so anti-social weirdo!) Still an anti-social weirdo..but with mom friends!
  4. DO NOT GET KNOCKED UP THIS YEAR BOO YAH! No baby in this belly!
  5. Blog on the regular Yeah, about that...
  6. Take a family trip to the mountains
  7. Volunteer at Coltons pre-school  
  8. Go on a date at least once a month FAIL
  9. Visit Marian in Atlanta
  10. Plan a trip to Niagara Falls Booked for October of this year!!!
  11. Quit facebook for exactly 1 month
  12. Cook 6 out of 7 nights a week for 3 months straight
  13. Shop at Aldi's more than Wal Mart
  14. Stick with my job at least until x-mas love my job, seriously could stay forever
  15. Speaking of x-mas...CONVINCE the family to only give 1 toy per child
  16. Find some sort of religious institution that will be of good influence on the boys and my marriage I can't believe I lived without Vintage. Seriously I <3 my church and Jesus!
  17. Once said institution is found, go on Sunday Mornings at least twice a month Twice a month!?! Or every Sunday and work in the nursery and attend all sorts of fun stuff! 
  18. Get Colton completely potty trained Still not dry all night. But I count it as a win.
  19. Take family walks whenever possible
  20. Dress the boys up as something amazingly awesome for halloween
  21. Go to the zoo in the fall
  22. Make something crafty with the kids once a week
  23. Bake for no reason As if I ever needed a reason.
  24. Attempt to keep up with the laundry Dream on mama duck, dream on...
  25. Get an active hobby You now have the pleasure of knowing the newest parks and rec cheerleading coach. Gooooo Mommy! (Virtual high kick)