Dec 31, 2012

Resolutions for 2013

My New Years Resolutions 2013 edition:

  1. Make SURE Colton brushes his teeth everyday. Twice a day. (I know you're cringing at the thought of his skuzzy unbrushed teeth...but try as I may we miss days. Gross, but honest.)
  2. Create a new bedtime routine that does not involve back rubs,belly rubs OR the three little pigs.
  3. Rent a summer house at the beach for at least a month (holds pinkie up while sipping non-fat latte')
  4. Attempt to rid myself of all clutter that is visible to the public.
  5. Go outside, even when its hotter than the surface of the sun, for at least an hour a day. 
That's it. I'll be sure to make a quarterly update as to how our progress is going!

Dec 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Honestly I havent been in the mood to blog lately. What with terrible goings on in the world and the pressure of the holidays. I just havent been feeling it. So to get back into the swing of things I give to you our Christmas!

We had...

Matching Jammies:

a spider man bike!!! 


Sweater Vests....

& lots of family time fun :)

Dec 20, 2012

sickymcsicksters love story

We've been MIA from the blogosphere recently due to multiple illnesses. First it was the flu. Then it was the grumps. Turns out the grumps are actually double ear infections in both stuff. While were on the mend let me share our most recent holiday adventure:

Brandon, Nolan & I had the pleasure of attending Coltons class Christmas party on Monday. This is always fun because we get to observe the boy in his natural school habitat. Upon arrival he promptly fell on his face while doing the extremely athletic motion of walking. This was the first indicator that Colton may be the little ladies man. 2 little girls, one twice his height in the only dress up outfit they had that would fit her and the other a teenie little thing with white hair, both rushed to his aid tripping eachother while trying to reach him. He-Man wouldnt accept Big Bertha or Whispies tireless efforts to help him up. This started the trend of the two little girls following him around anywhere he went. Sometimes trailing at a distance, other times getting up close asking him to play or sharing a toy. (He of course was a butt-head to both.) Well turns out Colton prefers older women. While hugging his assistant teacher goodbye he laid a big snotty kiss on her. Pretty sure I heard two little hearts break. Such is life girls...such is life.

Dec 11, 2012

the lazy santa...

Growing up Santa never wrapped my presents. I would wake up and my gifts would be strewn across the couch naked for the world to see. It is my understanding that Santa and the elfs like to wrap gifts for other little boys and girls though. They even get super creative (those crafty elfs...) and give each kid his own individual wrapping paper. Well...not in this house they wont. Santa can just haphazardly throw those presents all about for the world to see and it will be A-ok with me!

You see, this year is the important one. Colton has finally grasped the concept of Christmas and who that fat man is that pulls a B&E on us every year. So whatever we choose to do this year will set the bar. Perhaps that is why I decided to put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, rather than our highly complex 9 footer...yup setting that bar nice and low. Although I guess we could have taken it one step further and just gone the Festivus route. Airing of the grievances could have become a lovely family tradition...

Dec 4, 2012

Santa Success!

perhaps not their best photo...but I'll take paralyzed in fear over crying hysterically anyday!

Dec 3, 2012

feed me seymour

Colton is going through some sort of crazy growth spurt. That or he has a tape worm. The kid is eating everything and anything. He begged me to order pizza yesterday (& who doesn't love pizza right?) then he ate FOUR pieces. I tried to cut him off at 2 but he insisted starvation was inevitable if he didn't consume bread and cheese immediately...If it's this bad at 2...whats it gonna be like when he's 16 and Nolans 14? I'm thinking I'll start stock piling pop tarts and Doritos now.