Jul 7, 2012

We can live beside the ocean...or not..

Look at my kids on our latest beach trip. If you're wondering where this tropical paradise is, get ready for it... we went to the majestic town of Myrtle Beach, SC.

he refused to actually walk on the sand claiming it was "dirty!!" 

and this is what he did...

We went unexpectedly on a family vacation. & by "we" I mean me and the boys. Brandon had to stay behind to work. The task seemed daunting and anything but a vacation...but we went anyway. Everything was great until the last night. 

Basically we went to the classiest joint my family could come up with. aka Margaritaville. If you aren't familiar with this all American establishment allow me to give you a mental picture. Balloon artists on stilts everywhere, a loud volcano that erupts scaring young children while amusing the masses of alcohol enthusiasts, a steady stream of nothing but Jimmy Buffet songs and of course a 3 hour wait to get in the door.

I'm gonna go ahead and state for the record that I thought this was a bad idea, but without the husband around I was left with no allies and gave in to the peer pressure. The boys and I lasted about 2 hours. During that time I was able to get Colton a chicken and cheese quesadilla from another restaurant...scar him for life by subjecting him to the giant ladies, and change Nolans butt 3 times in a bathroom the size of a thimble. 

At the 2 hour mark it was anarchy. This was not a drill folks. I drove separate anticipating a possible level 10 situation...the only problem was that I'm not that great with directions. Fortunately (I guess) I didn't have to figure out the mean streets of South Myrtle Beach. While loading the screaming children a stinging bug of some sort came up and stung me directly on the nose. Yup you read that right. After enduring an evening of "amazing family fun" I got stung directly in the face. My dad later asked me what medicine I usually take when this happens. My response was a nonchalant "how often do you get stung in the freaking face?" Good times.

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