Jul 24, 2012

I don't appreciate your tone

I've been using my shouty voice a lot more than usual with the big one. I raise it up an octave when he tells me in a whisper "hush hush mommy" while I'm scooping bath toys out of the toilet. I know that I am very lucky, and have ah-mazing little boys. But man is it ever hard to get through the days with only inside voices.

Now that I'm out and about in the working world a few hours a week...I've noticed that my shouty voice has kind of carried over.  For example while waiting for my tables food to come out of the window:

(normal tone) "whats the time on my cheesesticks?" 

No response. Intentional back turn.

(Shouty voice/possible finger pointing) "Where are my cheesesticks? I've been watching you for 10 minutes mister and I know that you know I'm waiting on them!"

The difference is instead of a sweet little cherub looking back at me with an apologetic face, I get a sweaty guy telling me to "chill lady."

By far and away the worst habit I can't break in an adult setting is referring to the restroom as "the potty." Nothing ruins your street cred faster than telling your General Manager you need to go potty...

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