Jul 20, 2012

children learn to smile from their parents

I realized while speaking to my dad the other day that I have yet to write about members of our extended family. Since I've already mentioned him, lets talk about my daddy.
My dad is happily divorced. Twice. He is younger than all my friends dads, by about 20 years. We look alike. While at his favorite karaoke bar he got shanked (seriously). Hes addicted to sweet tea and Chus Express orange chicken. The majority of his 20's were spent on a cruise (provided by the US Navy of course). His pet hamster is named Houdini. My dad drives a motorcycle. As a teenager I remember getting cited by the city for having too many inoperable vehicles in our driveway/front yard..so he built a privacy fence in the backyard and moved them in there. 

True story:
Birds were nesting in the siding of his house, so my dad took residence on his front lawn in a folding chair while holding a very realistic looking bb gun. A police officer cruised by. Stopped. Turned around. Then proceeded to ask him wth he was doing? (after he put down the weapon of course) When he explained the bird issue he was told that hunting within city limits is illegal.

My dad no longer has birds nesting in his siding...


  1. I think the pics you chose sum up the essence of your father perfectly.

  2. Love you too baby :)


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