Jul 19, 2012


When Colton was an itty bitty he went through a restless stage. The only thing I could do to get him to calm down was drive him all around town. Any given day you could spot us with the windows down, my bass at full blast and some type of rap song playing. The kid LOVED the music/vibrations and a cool breeze. It was always a treat to be at a stop light in the middle of town and spot my neighbor or grandma on the side walk. This always seemed to happen when Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Your Neck" was bumping from my system in the (uh umm) Kia Sportage.

I've always liked just about any kind of music. I wasnt the biggest hardcore rap fan until Colton introduced me to the genre. That being said, if you are a fellow enthusiast, I do not recommend playing a certain N.W.A song about the police department as loud as the walls of your house can stand. Especially when your brand new neighbor is a gun toting member of said department. Yeah. That might not give a great first impression.

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