Jul 10, 2012

Its not broken..but here's a cast anyway

I hate adult medicine. Let me elaborate...I hate urgent care adult medicine. If you don't already know, before my exciting days as a mom/waitress extraordinaire I worked as a medical assistant in pediatrics for four years. During this time I would see countless kids with common colds (and crazy mamas) get turned away with no antibiotics because...well...they had a common cold and antibiotics weren't gonna cure it. There is a difference between viral infections and bacterial infections. 
Now, you're saying to yourself "well it can't hurt to just take the antibiotics even if they won't help...just as a precautionary measure." WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! Every time you take antibiotics when they aren’t needed or don’t complete a course of antibiotics, you help to create bacteria that are drug-resistant and spread from person to person, country to country. Way to go you anti-global citizen! :P

Recently I jumped into a cesspool of narsty mcnasty toddler carrier monkey germs. At the local Mcdonalds Playplace. Fun times. I of course am now sick with some sort of exotic disease that thrives only in areas rich with french fry oil and kids sweaty feet.  

Fast forward to me dying this morning. I sauntered into the local Urgent Care wearing my best pair of pajama pants (aka the ones with only one baby puke stain). Waited in the arctic tundra of a waiting room for an hour. Waited in the closet  room that was approximately 2 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun for another 45 minutes. But ya know whatever. I'm cool with it. Until Dr. ashnouernkjashdiygdfweknlofh, I didn't actually catch his name during his breeze by, came in.

Dr. ajalidufhijnfkjhdijhfdskjkaj: "You have kids right?" 

me: "yes..."

Dr. ajdfohdfjafhsodfjodjfiuhksj: "Ok heres your prescription for your antibiotics, do you need anything for pain?"

me: "no thanks. I don't deal drugs."

Dr. aiuhdsfjhisduijlkjaiuhkdliol: (Not shaken one bit)"Alrighty then."

The End. 

Although I could swear I heard him mutter "carrier monkeys..." as he left the room...

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  1. Reading these entries just makes me smile! You might as well have been my daughter because you are just as witty, snarky and brilliant as me!! (Damn, you are lucky).

    Hope you feel better soon. Need some Pepto Bismol? (Snort laugh).



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