Jul 25, 2012

quarter life crisis

No cute WW post today. Its my birthday. meh

In my mind I will forever be a 21 year old who still looks 18 and wayyy too young to be a wife and mother. In reality I am 25 today. I look 25. I have a mortgage and two little people who rely on me. I need to get a grip.

When did this happen? It seems like yesterday I was waking up on my best friends moms kitchen floor with a sticky bun stuck to my hair. Having only $2 in quarters to fill up my 1996 pontiac sunfires gas tank was no biggie. Time seriously flies. You fall in love with a nice guy and the next thing you know you're tripping over tricycles...

I am resolving to own this. My name is Leigh Ann and I am a 25 year old wife and mommy! I drive a kia with not only one, but two carseats and 3 strollers in the back. I am a better person now than I ever was at 18. Not only have I stopped wearing eating sticky buns, but I have accomplished more than I could have ever thought possible.

Sometimes we don't even know we want something until it's ours. Life is good and I'm grateful for the amazing 25 years I've had and am looking forward to the next 25. Also, any suggestions on anti-aging creams are welcome.

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  1. Awesome Leigh Ann! As always,it made me smile. You are so much like your aunt(except for the part about being truthful about your age!)I am sure John is so proud of the remarkable woman you have become! And you are right,time does fly by,and there might come a time again when you wear sticky buns,and it will be ok...it's called dementia.


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