Oct 12, 2012

your words matter!

I believe that your day to day conversations are your lasting message. I talk about this IRL often with my sisters and their friends. I have zero problems talking about this with a rocket scientist should the need ever arise. Please allow me to take a moment and be a lil bit serious guys...

Imagine that you have brown eyes and the mass majority of the rest of the world have blue. You can't help that you were born with brown eyes can you? Maybe you were born with blue eyes then woke up at 12 years old and suddenly had brown? Your eyes may set you apart from the blue eyed people, but they do not make you less of a person do they? Now imagine that instead of using the word "ugly" to describe something unattractive, the blue eyed people say "that is SO brown eyes!" How would that make you feel? How would that make your blue eyed mom and dad feel? or your brothers and sisters? your friends? Anyone who believes your eyes are indeed unique and beautiful.

Now imagine that you have a subtype of intellectual disability. Lets say it's clinically diagnosed as mental retardation. You may have been born this way or maybe you sustained an injury. The mass majority of the rest of the world do not have your diagnosis. You are no less of a person because you've been diagnosed are you? Now think about how many times you or others you communicate with regularly have said "that is SO retarded!" In place of the word silly or "stupid." Get where I'm going with this? Just like it would be wrong to insinuate that someone with brown eyes is unattractive, it is wrong to insinuate that a person with a certain diagnosis is not intelligent. 

What I'm getting at is to make yourself aware. Although society does not react the same way they might if you were to use a racist slur or shout 4 letter words from the rooftops. It's still not nice and can genuinely hurt people and the ones who love them the most. Also, if you think people are just overly sensitive and trying to take away your 1st amendment rights, yada yada yada... you're not picking up what I'm throwing down here so you might wanna quit reading muh blog mmk.

I just wanted to put that one out there into the universe after hearing 3 people on 3 separate occasions this past week use the word retarded to describe something they deemed to not be working correctly or someone acting silly. So now you can't say you didnt know!

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