Oct 9, 2012

Talent Corner: Timeless Dreams Photography

We recently had some family photos taken by the awesome sister duo Jennie & Kristi of Timeless Dreams Photography . We were only prepared to take pics of the kids so can you imagine that our angels refused to participate without us?!?! hah. Well it turned out that maybe this time kiddos knew best. The #1 reason I really enjoy these pics is because we look like us. We aren't all matchy matchy with perfect hair and non-flip flop feet. We just are what we are. When I look back I don't want an unrealistic picture of what it was like.

I went to High School with Jennie and can tell you she and her whole family are good people. I would highly recommend them if you're in the area and looking to have some photos taken anytime soon (ahem Christmas cards...) Colton was anything BUT a happy camper the day of our shoot (shocking I know) and amazingly enough these ladies were able to keep him smiling and get some cute shots! I work with children and can tell you that even if people have children they sometimes claim of their own, not everyone can deal with a 2 year old and his crazy I'm gonna eat this grass and only make a pukey face whatcha wanna do about it? attitude. These ladies for sure can handle it and have an awesome presence and sense of humor that the kiddos can pick up on. So there you have it: kid friendly, creative, affordable, good people. Check them out & remember to support your local businesses.

Some of my favorites:

How ADORABLE is this? ^^


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  1. <3 LOVE it! thanks for the support Leigh Ann! <3


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