Oct 15, 2012


I have neglected to shine the spotlight on our amazing furball Oliver (aka Ollie).

Background: we have had Oliver for 3.5 years. He was a birthday present from Brandon...3 months early. Then do you know that when my actual birthday came that joker didnt even get me a card??? I got you the dog! Thats one rookie mistake he'll never make again. Anywho, Oliver was born on a farm in the pottery capital of NC. When I spoke to the breeder, I had visions of rolling hills and shih tzu puppies running free with a plethera of biscuits and love. Yeah, no.

Oliver day 1
We arrived at the farm. It was indeed a farm. It had a barn, a house, animals...Only they werent roaming free as the wind blows living the good life. The lady with no teeth took us to the barn and in there were a ton of puppies in cages. One stacked on top of the other. Not just shih tzus either. Pugs, poodles, puggles, chihuahas, all types. Don't get me wrong they werent like the puppy mills on TV or anything. They had tons of food and she kept the cages clean and around back was a free roam area for the mamas and daddys. It was just really really overwhelming. In a cage right on top at eye level there he was. My sweet little 3lb Oliver in a cage with his brother. His brother was a growler and picking on my baby.

Brandon eventually got rid of his bows
Brandon scooped him up payed the woman and we were outta there. On the way home we noticed some things about Ollie that were a little different. Different in an incredibly adorable way that is. #1 his tongue was too big to fit all the way in his mouth. #2 he was missing a few teeth (aka all of them) #3 he was panting pretty hard and had a croupy bark. We got him home and I immediately started treating him like a baby with the croup lol. I stuck his teenie little noggin in the freezer, called his new doctor to get an appt asap & of course snuggled.

The bestest vet ever saw Ollie a good 12 hours later and had some news for us. First thing was he had kennel cough and needed meds asap and no doggie contact for quite some time. Then he mentioned that if we were planning on breeding (never crossed my mind) he wasnt exactly stud material. Turns out that Ollies family tree is probably missing a few branches. Still, that dogs light shines bright and he is the most loyal little fella we could have asked for.

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