Oct 26, 2012

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Democracy don't rule the world, You'd better get that in your head; This world is ruled by violence, But I guess that's better left unsaid.
-Bob Dylan

October is an important awareness month. We wear pink for breast cancer, we walk for our buddies with Down syndrome, and we talk about domestic violence.

Just the facts ma'am:

1. According to the CDC, domestic (or intimate partner) violence can be any physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological action that one person uses to gain power or control over another.
2. Anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, race or gender, can be affected by intimate partner violence.
3. An average of three women in America die as a result of domestic violence each day.
4. One in four women and one in thirteen men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
5. In the last year, one in 10 teens have reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.
6. As for women in college, one in five young women have been sexually assaulted.
7. Women age 20 to 24 experience the highest rates of dating and domestic violence.

8. Females ages 16-24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than any other age group.
9. Almost 70% of female rape victims were first raped before the age of 25, and over 40% were first raped before age 18.
10. Young women age 16-24 are victims of rape at almost triple the rate of women age 25-34.
The number of teens physically hurt by a dating partner has not declined between 2001 and 2011. The same is true for the number of teen victims of sexual assault.

They attack the one man with their hate and their shower of weapons. But he is like some rock which stretches into the vast sea and which, exposed to the fury of the winds and beaten against by the waves, endures all the violence.-virgil

So this is the month! Go walking while wearing pink and talk about the hard stuff. Especially share some DV info with your kids, your little brother, your neighbor...whoever! Talk to change.


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