Oct 19, 2012

The REAL most wonderful time???

I really enjoy Halloween. In fact, out of all the holidays I might enjoy Halloween the most. Not for the usual reasons either. Candy is great. Dressing up is fun. Placing my children in a pumpkin patch awkwardly and taking photos is WAY up there on my idea of a good time. Honestly, I really like Halloween because of one thing; It is NOT overwhelming.

I have crashed and burned every Thanksgiving and Christmas since the age of 3.

Why? you say. The holidays are a joyful time full of family togetherness and wonderful imaginings! Every feel good feeling wrapped in shiny paper with a bow!!!

Yeah...no. Every major holiday I have had the privilege of going not to one. not to two. but to at the very least three places to eat drink and be merry. I get so excited and so exhausted all at once that eventually I crash. Like seriously I have a melt down. As in puffy faced crying while eating pumpkin pie speeding down the interstate meltdown. Its go big or go home when it comes to my crazy lady style. My poor kids will one day understand that mommy isn't crying because shes filled with the Christmas spirit...meh. Disclaimer: All family readers, Don't think I do not enjoy our family and the majority of our time together please. I really do!

Halloween on the other hand has zero expectations. Do we see every member of our family on Oct. 31st? Nope! Do we plan and plan for 2 months ahead of time and make elaborate laminated schedules of what we will be doing all day long? Heck no! We go about our daily business, dress the kids up, snap a few photos on the porch and trick or treat the night away. This year Brandon and Colton will be doing the leg work, while Nolan helps me pass out candy. When they return with their spoils we'll inspect and make sure to taste test (making sure Brandon and I eat the poisonous candy of course...a selfless act for the good of the children....) Then we can go to bed. The end. Its over. We don't have to return numerous decorations to the attic. There are no toys. Thank you Lord there are no toys...Just cute pics, the memory of a relaxing fun evening, and that. is. it. I know I know BAH HUMBUG! 


  1. Watch out for those mini chocolate bars! They really require a thorough taste-test. (It's best just to keep all those away from the precious children - just in case!)

  2. Give the kids the candy corn. It's so nasty adults won't eat it and kids take a bite and throw it down.(to later stomp into the rug) Just a thought about Christmas, celebrate at home and be open to visits from the rest of the family.

  3. AMEN! I think that having more than one family is GREAT but definitely overwhelming. I totally share your sentiments. However, I put my foot down when Tay & G came along. I said Heck NO would my kids spend the day couped up in a car and going here and there. Now we celebrate in the month or not at all with those folks. Yeah it hurt some family feelings but hey I know that my kids won't have more "couch time" (psychiatry appointments) because of momma being too darn crazy to stop that.


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