Sep 29, 2012


Today I am tired. Yesterday I was tired. Tomorrow I will be...tired. Why am I so sleepy? Is it because I'm training for a 5k? umm no. Perhaps I've been working exhausting hours and spending all my free time making homemade Halloween wreaths for the neighborhood? Yeah freaking right. No it is absolutely not of my own doing that I am to the point of collapsing. It is that of the one and only Colton.

A couple nights ago I was awoken at 2 AM by a toddlers cry in my room saying "mama I NEEeeeeeeD water" then an oh so helpful "love nudge" by Brandon (aka him rolling over and saying get the kid some water.) The next night I was snapped back to reality by a toddlers icy cold feet. They just so happened to be karate kicking me in the throat...details details After regaining consciousness, I remembered that I had not put said toddler in our bed. sneaky mcsneakster

The pattern has continued and I'm on the verge of barricading myself in the bathroom and sleeping in the tub. Truth. This morning I woke up in a dino bed all by my lonesome. I vaguely remember a tiny elbow edging me off the bed and then stumbling into the dinoriffic room...Somethings gotta give. This is soooo not gonna fly once I get a solid 8 hours and can think straight!

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