Sep 25, 2012

Buried alive

I have been a brat lately. When we moved into our house in 2008 it was just us and the dog. Our 3 bedroom 2 bath was HUGE. The 2 guest rooms were hardly ever in use and the carpet in those bedrooms was flawlessly clean.

Now I thank God we have hardwoods or tile throughout the rest of the house. When we had Colton it was an eye opening experience. Not just to the whole being parents thing, but to the amount of stuff a 4lb person could need. It was overwhelming but manageable. No biggie. Then came along Nolan who bless his punkin has all of his brothers baby toys and clothes. Of course Colton has a bunch of big boy toys and clothes in their place. Stuff. Just stuff everywhere.

I have been quick to say were moving. I need a garage and a bonus room or I'm gonna flip yada yada. But honestly, all we would probably do is add more stuff to the extra square footage. Not to mention the outer rim of hell experience selling a house with 2 babies living in it would be. So were gonna tough it out for at least another few years. I don't imagine myself living in this house, as it is, with my husband and 2 giant teenagers...but who knows? Brandon has that whole degree in construction management thing so perhaps we'll add a lovely bonus room. That's all. I'm done. Told you I'm being a brat.

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  1. Huge sun/bonus room right off the back would be perfect!!! Unless you're considering moving to Asheboro :)


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