Sep 7, 2012

Go. To. Bed.

You've all seen the dino-riffic room. The roaring good time lamp, the stellar stegosaurus nightlight...and of course the big boy t-rex super charged safety gate on the side big boy bed. Did I mention that the bed is a queen size? Umm yes. My 2 year old sleeps in a queen size bed. I thought it was a full. Brandon knew it wasnt. Its a long story, but in the end we were both right. Sort of.

Colton has discovered that, minus a few pillows, his bed is large enough to snugly fit our entire family. My life is now over. Every night that kid is yelling for me to come lay down and rub his back. Bring him some water. Sing the sun go down song!!! Anything to get me into the room so he can catapult himself in a body slam effort to get me to sleep in his ginormous bed. UGHHHH.

Not only will he get you with his just a minute mama trickery...he will climb right out of his bed, open any door or climb over any type of God dont let their be a fire babygate system you can rig. March himself right up to you and promptly demand a back rub in his dino room! No amount of coaxing or timeouts will change his mind. You know that lady at the wal mart who is threatening to beat the hell out of her kid? Yeah you know the one. I used to look at her in disgust and shake my head while silently praying for that poor kids future to be brighter than the state pen...umm yeah. I get it. I will not be pushed to the brink of threatening to beat him. But I get it crazy wal mart mama.

perhaps I should have tried this before disassembling the crib.....


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