Sep 22, 2012

I say this stuff daily

Today I am going to share with you my words of wisdom I say on a daily basis

Do NOT hurt the baby

What are you eating???

Youre the swedish little baby little chunk a lunk roly poly butterball turkey. yes you are!

We do not waste toilet paper

Did you poop?

booty booty booty booty stinkin everywhere stinkin everywhere (this one is a song)

Hold on Nolan

Hold on Colton


Clean up Clean up

No licking shoes

Ollie Hush!

YOUR eldest son.....

Love you too. Now go say sorry to brother.

They are precious arent they!?! Were so lucky (2 minutes later) My head hurts

Deep stuff folks....


  1. You are beyond lucky, you are blessed to have that butterball and dinosaur! One day (too soon) the chunky monkey is going to rise up and walk and then the dino boy is going to get his!!

  2. You speak the truth!! Him's IS the cutest, little Swedish baby in the whole world!!!!


tell me i'm not the only one!