Dec 11, 2012

the lazy santa...

Growing up Santa never wrapped my presents. I would wake up and my gifts would be strewn across the couch naked for the world to see. It is my understanding that Santa and the elfs like to wrap gifts for other little boys and girls though. They even get super creative (those crafty elfs...) and give each kid his own individual wrapping paper. Well...not in this house they wont. Santa can just haphazardly throw those presents all about for the world to see and it will be A-ok with me!

You see, this year is the important one. Colton has finally grasped the concept of Christmas and who that fat man is that pulls a B&E on us every year. So whatever we choose to do this year will set the bar. Perhaps that is why I decided to put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, rather than our highly complex 9 footer...yup setting that bar nice and low. Although I guess we could have taken it one step further and just gone the Festivus route. Airing of the grievances could have become a lovely family tradition...

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