Nov 9, 2012

rambles and such

Brandon and I recently stumbled into a conversation about "weird" kids and how different our upbringings were. I never considered my childhood as being different from the norm up until recently. Apparently having a rock collection as a 12 year old girl is not the thing to do. Who knew? By the way, I still have that collection at my moms house and it includes fossilized dinosaur poop. I dare you to say that's not wicked awesome. I also didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 11. Yes ELEVEN. He discovered this while we were vacationing and I attempted to ride on sandy terrain. Car. Car. BRAKE LEIGH ANN BRAKE!  (insert me jumping off and putting the kick stand down...) Per Brandon it is also not usual practice for one to watch The Exorcist in 4th grade or know all the lyrics to every song from The King & I by age 7. Hmm...

My husbands childhood was slightly picturesque. His parents are still married, he grew up on a farm, he ate his pets...SAY WHAAA??? Yeah round the apartment communities I dwelled in growing up we did not have a Bessie milk cow and Pete the dinner steer. nah ah. Brandon also drove a car to the bus stop and has been dove hunting.
True story: We would have meet eventually had our paths not crossed when they did. His Granny and Paw Paw and my Pa Pa Bill grew up together in the same orphanage.  They have literally known each other majority of their lives and have remained friends sharing stories and pictures of Brandon and I throughout all these years. We had no clue when we started dating until Granny put two and two together a few weeks into the relationship. Small world :)

Given our very different (but the same) backgrounds we still agree on our parenting Do's and Don'ts: No, they will not watch life changing terrifying movies at the age of 10. Nor will they have a pet cow (maybe a chicken). Nolan better like rocks because I'm leaving them to him in the will. They'll have to share custody of the dino poop. They're going to ride bikes and even learn to roller blade before middle school. When asked if they can drive a stick shift they will say yes!

and they will be productive members of society who love and respect others and all that good stuff too....


  1. "No, they will not watch life changing terrifying movies at the age of 10." Mmm hmm. Good luck with that!!

  2. I know where the rock collecting came from but never knew you have dino poop. I'd like to see that, bring it at Christmas. What a great show and tell that will be! The boys will be the coolest student in any teachers class.


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