Nov 19, 2012

Creeper TV Characters

Colton has been on a Bob the Builder kick here recently...Its an alright show. But this one character gives me the heebeejeebies
His name is spud. Look away if you need to take a moment.
Why? Why? Why? Did they decide to add his character to a construction show with talking trucks?

This got me thinking about other TV characters that make me uneasy...examples:
In the wee hours of the morning Nick Jr. likes to play the show Oswald. It. Is. Scary. Disagree? Take a little looksie...
The seal is OK, weenie the no biggie. Now please notice the pumpkin head man. He's not the worst. See those paper people in the background? Yeah they're alive.
I love Sesame Street just as much as the next 80's baby, but you have to admit...
If you ran into this guy at 2 years old you'd freak.
Which brings me to The Muppets. Honestly I'm not a fan.
Not appealing.
What about an oldie but a goodie? Mr. Rogers. I have no issue with Senor` Rogers. He rocks. Its his demon puppet Lady Elaine that has inspired plenty of nightmares.
Then his human always on the run delivery man/child snatcher
Mr. Mcfeely
nuff said.
Last but not least is one childhood show we all wish we could forget. Be warned  what you are about to see is disturbing. Mature audiences only.
 1 in 3 readers just slammed their laptops shut.


  1. Why is Spud dripping?? I haven't seen him on the series so far.

    1. we have 4 episodes on demand and he is in every single one. ugh. No clue why he's dripping/melting...


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