Aug 24, 2012

public service announcement

PSA for all potential newcomers:

Here in the beautiful state of North Carolina we enjoy a subtropical climate all spring, summer and sometimes well into the fall. Never heard NC called subtropical? Well it is. Feel free to Google you fact checker.

NC is equipped with mountains, the beach and disney world is only an 8 hour drive south. Were in a good spot. Except for one thing. If you've never lived anywhere humid or more specifically in the general area of the southeast. Please do not decide to move out our way in the middle of August.

I don't care that you're from Arizona. I don't care that you spent a year living in the Sahara desert...hunger games style! It gets too hot even for the native North Carolinians to go to the pool this time of year. Therefore, you as a newcomer, will pour sweat just walking from your house to the car. I fear you might not venture outdoors for a couple months after taking your family on a Sunday outdoor picnic at exactly noon. When you do resurface, and you eventually will, equipped with claritin and an inhaler of course. I will be forced to hear you complain in your Massachusetts accent that humidity is just wrong while we get our frizzy manes tamed. Humidity and hair is a whole other issue. I'll just say that unless you believe the bigger the hair the closer to Jesus. You're in for a rough time.

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