Aug 22, 2013

super important person coming through!

So about a week ago I got a phone call at work from a doctor. This doc had been trying to get in touch with me but apparently when he called my office someone told him that in the many years they have graced the halls of my building, indeed I do not work there.

Now I admit to often times being a bit of an introvert. I'm just fine in my own little corner in my own little chair. I chit chat with my own little patients 2.5 days a week and honestly just use my time at work for I like it. Its full of critical thinking and babies. Anyways...
So upon the news that I was not recognized I laughed it off for awhile. After further thinking I then decided to take it upon myself to really get out there. To be remembered. To make a real extrovert move! Here was the big plan: Ready?

Send out an introduction e-mail. Bam! Mind blown.

Without much thought I then sent a mass e-mail to the entire office. Doctors, administrators.. No one was discriminated against. I explained the phone situation and went on to say. "So hey, I'm Leigh Ann. Nice to meet you!" After sending the big introduction I then was my one year anniversary with the company.

Note to self: wave and say hi today. You're showing too much of your weird.

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